3 Wonderful Ways To Go Wild With Vanilla

All this time, we’ve seen vanilla in sponge cakes and cookies, which happen to be one of the most straightforward ways it can be used. However, there’s always something that we can do with vanilla to break us out of the sponge-cake monotony—something that allows us to go wild….something that you’re about to find out

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Too Fond of Fondant: A Brief Intro to Fondant Cakes

Intricate floral etchings, a miniaturized wooden-textured box, and a funky silhouette against a contrasting smooth surface; it is quite a captivating piece of handiwork. Oh, and it is all really edible. That is what we call the wonder of fondant art. The growing culture of themed birthday parties and weddings and bridal showers has marked

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Three Tiers of Trouble: Understanding Tiered Cakes

If you think baking the perfect cake is hard work, consider multiplying your efforts for a three tier recipe. As a centerpiece for formal occasions, such as weddings or anniversaries, tiered cakes represent the absolute pinnacle of culinary craftsmanship. You may be a seasoned pastry chef, you may enjoy experimenting with new recipes; but when it

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