Top 5 Popular Chocolate Desserts Of All Time

Chocolate Desserts

Chocolate desserts are by far the most popular kind of dessert! Other than being the most sought-after flavor on the market, chocolate desserts also go straight to the heart. Chocolate is known as a ‘love drug.’ According to a study, its ingredients are known to have a positive impact on the brain and body, making

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Why Aren’t My Brownies Good?


Brownies are the perfect pick-me-up food. They’re easy to prepare and so indulgent when made right. Their gooey warmth is like a comforting hug! But many people tend to get this very simple dessert wrong. Brownies can turn out too dry, rock solid, cakey, or just not taste right. Here are some common mistakes that

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6 Most Common Baking Mistakes


Having the right recipe in your hands will not automatically make you great with desserts. Bad experiences and mistakes teach you a tip or two that can’t be learnt otherwise. Amateur confectioners may have a knack for creating new desserts, but they often lack the mastery of handling different kinds of situations.

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