Ways To Plate Desserts For A Restaurant Style Look

Plate Desserts

When it comes to serving desserts, presentation is everything.

The more irresistibly presented a sweet delicacy is on a plate, the more likely it’s to be picked off the plate.

There’s a reason why restaurants invest so much in just plating desserts aesthetically. It’s because before tasting a treat, we let our eyes feast on it first. It’s also important to create appealing visuals along with maintaining perfection in taste.

Here are a few ways of plating desserts for a restaurant-style look.

Experiment With Colors Creatively

The colors evident in a dessert can be brought out, subdued or complemented with other colors to suit aesthetic purposes.

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The key lies in being creative while playing around with colors. A chocolate fudge cake doesn’t have to be an ordinary slice served on a plate. It would look more interesting if served with raspberries that contrast with the espresso-colored chocolate.

A lemon tart looks monotone and boring if served as it is. Adding a violet flower along with cherries can play a strong role in breaking the monotony of color.

Be Creative With Textures

Experimenting with different textures and arranging a palette makes it more of a visual treat.

The point is to give the palette an intriguing look from all angles. Sprinkling cookie crumbs on top of a soft ganaché can make it look exciting. Similarly, dressing a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with chocolate shavings can make the serving look more aesthetically tasteful.

See Your Plate As A Painter Would A Canvas

Consider your plate of dessert as if it was a painting.

It’s not necessary to fill up all empty spaces with something; as long as the empty space serves a purpose, it’s good to stay that way. But some spaces may seem like an absence which needs to be filled.

Also the shape of your plate makes a difference to your presentation. If it’s an oblong plate, it’s more conventional to set your dessert on the ends. However, you could choose to experiment with a circular bowl and pile the dessert up to create a rising structure.

Don’t Lose Track Of Functionality

Aesthetics aside, it’s important to not lose track of the functionality of your presentation in trying to make it look aesthetic.

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If your dessert is more creamy and fluid than solid, a flat plate will make it hard to eat. Creamy substances are always better served in a bowl.

If you’re planning to serve generous quantities of your dessert on a single plate, make sure the size of the platter is big enough to contain it.

Contrast Temperatures

Temperatures have more to do with the taste of a dessert. That said, they still have a role to play in the presentation. Serving a steaming hot brownie topped with a scoop of ice cream melting and dripping onto the base is a tempting sight to resist!

Temperatures are also important to consider when serving chilled or hot desserts. Cooling the plate a bit before placing a cold dessert on it will serve the purpose better.

Are You Waiting To Try All These Presentation Ideas On Your Next Dessert?

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