5 Dessert Ideas to Rock your Bake Sale!

Dessert Ideas

Imagine that you spent hours trying to make the most scrumptious desserts for your school’s bake sale. Now fast forward an hour after it started and all your treats have been sold out.

You’re finished for that day and you can go back home with a much heavier wallet than when you came in this morning. That feeling of contentment and satisfaction is extraordinary, isn’t it?

If you wish to turn that idea into reality, go through our list of the most delicious treats that the crowds will not be able to resist!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These should take you under 45 minutes to make and most of the ingredients are quite readily available in your own pantry. You can order the remaining ingredients you need online so we can deliver them to you right away. Those milk chocolate chunks will melt in your mouth and people who visit your booth will not be able to resist that soft, chewy texture.

Themed Cupcakes

If you’re looking for a cuter dessert option, you can use a good cupcake recipe and top it with fondant according to the theme of your bake sale or any special events that are around the corner. For instance, you could opt for Halloween-inspired Cupcakes. With some royal icing, fondant and food coloring, you can make all sort of spooky cupcake toppers. This will attract the crowds as well as make your booth a hit at the bake sale.

Sugar Cookies

These are a beautiful addition to your bake sale and will add value to the theme of the event. For instance, keeping identical themes for both cupcakes and sugar cookies will add to the festivities and increase the aesthetic value of your stall significantly.

You can use our meringue powder and food colors to whip up the perfect royal icing and top your cookies with the most intricate or spooky patterns. The ideas for these are plenty. You can pick one that works with your theme!

Cupcakes in a Jar!

This is just another way to sell cupcakes. For bake sales, packaging also matters. So, you can use the same cupcake recipe and make cupcakes in bulk and package them differently. For this, you will just need clear plastic cups with lids, some butter cream icing and sprinkles. Layer the inside of the cup with a cupcake, icing and sprinkles and then repeat until you reach the top. This will look very bright and colorful and attract all the kids around.

Banana Bread

You can also make pretty little loaves of banana bread with pecan pieces for additional flavor. It will make for very rich, dense bread. Since it tastes better after getting refrigerated overnight, you can make it a day ahead so it won’t be a hassle for you either.

These ideas will pull everyone in for a delicious experience and wipe your booth out in no time. In order to get started, order your baking supplies from us online as we deliver all over California.

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