Food For Thanksgiving—4 Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Pie

Dessert Ideas

We’re only days away from Thanksgiving. You’re probably getting your home ready for the big day that celebrates friends, family, and everything we have to be grateful for.

While the turkey is the showstopper for the day, dessert can never take a back seat! Don’t fall for the traditional pie this year; here are some awesome dessert ideas for Thanksgiving that’s more than just pie!

Chocolate pumpkin layer cake

Pumpkin is the star from the beginning of fall right until Thanksgiving, after which, winter finally begins. This Thanksgiving put together a show-stopping cake to wow your guests over. This chocolate pumpkin layer cake is going to be huge. You will need to prepare two layers of pumpkin cake and two layers of chocolate cake. To add some warmth to the cake, frost it with a spiced brown sugar buttercream. Use star anise, clove, and cinnamon to flavor the pumpkin cake as well as the icing.

Spiced carrot cake with a decadent cream cheese frosting

Remember the carrot cake your grandma used to make? Imagine this cake is that, but twice as decadent! Add rich flavors to the cake batter to make it extra special for Thanksgiving, like nutmeg, cinnamon, good-quality Madagascar vanilla beans, orange peel, and candied ginger. For some crunch, don’t forget to add chopped walnuts. The light texture and bitter flavor add the most amazing background flavor to the cake.


For the cream cheese icing, make sure you aren’t adding too much sugar. The slightly savory flavor of the frosting makes the flavors of the entire cake come alive. Don’t overbake it so that it becomes too dry.

An apple cake instead of an apple pie!

Apple pie is an American favorite, but this Thanksgiving, we’re mixing things up. Prepare an apple cake to follow your delicious Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. Prepare a simple cake recipe, from scratch or with a cake mix, place half the batter in the baking tray and cover with sliced apples. Make sure you’re using cooking apples so that they soften and intensify in flavor. Place the remaining cake batter on top and layer with sliced apples again. Once the cake is baked, top it off with a liberal dusting of icing sugar.

Sweet potato marshmallow bars

You’ve probably never heard of this dessert before, but if you can have sweet potato pie for dessert, then why not a sweet potato bar? This dessert requires a layer of cookie crumbs and butter on the bottom, followed by a layer of pureed and sweetened sweet potato. Don’t forget the warming spices! That’s where the magic happens. Top it all off with melted marshmallows and bake it until the top is caramelized.

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