Rainbow Recipes to Try This Summer

Rainbow Strawberries

Summer is the season to enjoy the brightest of colors, whether through your clothes, accessories, or hair. Everyone gets their tan on and bright colors look better against it. This summer, don’t leave your desserts behind when it comes to bright colors!

Here are some fun rainbow treats you must try out:

Rainbow Cake with Clouds

Some cakes do the job even without any icing. Prepare a buttery sponge batter with good quality Madagascar vanilla and divide into separate bowls. Add food coloring into them to replicate the colors of the rainbow. Begin spooning the batter layer by layer into a Bundt cake tin and bake till light and fluffy. Slice the cake and serve up with some sweetened whipped cream to represent the clouds.

Rainbow Smores SandwichesBaking Supplies

Smores are the ultimate summer sweet treat. Kids have them when they go out camping and are in front of the bonfire. Take your smores to a next level with a rainbow element. Melt marshmallows to form a sticky paste and place between cookies or graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. Roll these in rainbow sprinkles so that the marshmallow holds on to the sprinkles.

Rainbow Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries make the perfect snack. You get your share of fruit while having some chocolate too. Add some color to your chocolate coated strawberries with a variety of candy coatings by us. They’re infused with a hint of flavor too. Melt the coatings and dip the strawberries in the mixture. Leave out to cool so that the chocolate hardens.

Rainbow Frosting for Cupcakes

Cupcakes are every child’s favorite thing to eat, but that doesn’t mean they have to look boring. We all know that cupcakes are all about the frosting so make the frosting extra special the next time round with some rainbow colors.

All you need to do is with a paintbrush; paint a line of food coloring down the piping bag in all of the rainbow colors. Now fill the bag with frosting and begin icing those cupcakes and see the magic unfold. Your cupcakes will have swirls of color unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Galaxy Toast

Galaxy treats look and taste amazing, but this galaxy toast is unlike anything you’ve ever eaten before! Prepare your normal slice of brown or white toast and layer a tangy jam on it. Follow it up with some marshmallow fluff or buttercream in different colors like purple, blue, and pink.

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