Too Fond of Fondant: A Brief Intro to Fondant Cakes

Intricate floral etchings, a miniaturized wooden-textured box, and a funky silhouette against a contrasting smooth surface; it is quite a captivating piece of handiwork.

Oh, and it is all really edible.

That is what we call the wonder of fondant art. The growing culture of themed birthday parties and weddings and bridal showers has marked the growth in the cake art industry as well.

Artists are not the only artists. Bakers are quite the artists.  Their key material to work with? Fondant.

Forming Bases

From at-home novices to professional bakers; the delicious art of fondant requires the same technique. It is only a matter of having the right tools to work with.

Everything to create great fondant dough is now available; fondant dough, edible dyes, cutters, smoothing utensils – you name it, it exists.

Take a look at the two challenges bakers face when working with fondant:

  •  Consistency Concerns

Fondant can be tricky to work with if the dough isn’t the right consistency. There is a reason why you’re supposed to start small when getting your hands in fondant. It can become too hard or too soft, too thick or too thin, too greasy or not greasy enough.


The key to care is using quality ingredients and using the right amount.

  •  Color Complaints

The outlook of a great fondant-based design relies on how well it is colored. Unfortunately the intense colors most customers want require the use of edible dyed, which have their own taste.

To create a fondant cake that taste just as good as it looks, it is absolutely crucial to use color additives whose taste do not interfere with the taste of the base fondant itself.

Working Wonders

If you’ve ever had to buy a brownie or a cookie for your usual something sweet, you might find yourself checking out the “fancier” side of the bakery – the smooth whites of wedding cakes with frills and bows, or the myriad of colorful designs on a child’s themed birthday cake.

Impressive, right?

A well-formed cake or cupcake design needs the right tools.

The delicate curves of rose, tiny-little fingers of the animated figure, a finishing border on the rims of the tiers; hands and fingers can only do so much. A complete set of chef tools sets you up for some incredible looking designs.

So, whether you are an aspiring expert baker or just looking to take a dab at working with fondant, head on over to Divine Specialties; our online store has an exceptional selection of fondant and similar decorations for all kinds of cakes.

What are you waiting for? Order up and get your fondant on!

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