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A Piece of Cake

Ever wondered what it is about all those Michelin Star patisseries and restaurants that make their food stand out? Their high-quality ingredients!

You need more than just a good recipe to make the perfect dessert. The right baking supplies and ingredients can make a huge difference to the final product, giving it just the perfect bursts of flavor and texture that you were aiming for. This is especially true for chocolate desserts as top-quality chocolate products can really enhance your baked goods with their rich flavor and aroma.

So, how can you ensure that the sweets and cakes at your bakery attract dessert lovers? By using branded chocolate products available at our store! Not only do we provide wholesale sweets and chocolates for further distribution, but also offer wholesale baking supplies and chocolate decorations. Divine Specialties is your ultimate online cakes supplies store for everything baking related!

About Divine Specialties

Based in Southern California, Divine Specialties has been in the wholesale food supply industry for more than 75 years. As one of the premier distributors in the state, we stock a range of baking supplies and ingredients at our store. From branded chocolate products to cakes supplies, everything is available at our online store.

At Divine Specialties, you get prompt service. You can choose from our extensive selection of premium quality products, place flexible orders, and get them delivered directly to your preferred location in Southern California.

Whether you’re a budding home chef, work in retail, have your own catering business, or are part of the food manufacturing industry, our services are for everyone. Shop for wholesale sweets and chocolates now by getting in touch with our team!

Call us at our toll-free number (1-866-938-6383) for more details about our products available in Orange County.

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