Easter Desserts For All

Easter Desserts

Easter is an occasion that you celebrate with your friends and family. And no celebration is complete without something sweet. Desserts are a staple of celebrations all over the world.

But don’t let this Easter be just about Easter eggs and the little ones! Adults can enjoy some delectable desserts around this time too.

Here are some fantastic desserts for Easter Sunday:

Easter bunny milkshake

This dessert and beverage combo is perfect for after brunch. Kids and adults alike will enjoy it. Hollow chocolate bunnies can hold a surprising amount of liquid in them. Prepare a chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry milkshake to fill the Easter bunny with. Put back the head of the bunny and serve with a straw. Adults could add some liqueur for a delectable drink.

Flower cupcakes

Spring is a time for pastels and light flavors. You can never go wrong with some simple vanilla cupcakes and buttercream frosting. Use some good quality Madagascar vanilla extract for your big batch of cupcakes. As for the buttercream, you can easily get white buttercream icing at Divine Specialties and dye it to frost the flower cupcakes.

Ice-cream cake

A good old fashioned ice-cream is ideal for springtime. Even adults will love this blast from the past dessert. Prepare a light vanilla sponge and allow it to cool completely; then slice it into two layers.

Take some shop-bought ice-cream and whip it with your handheld electric whisk. You can add any flavorings you like, as well as fruits, sauces, and chocolates. Place this mixture in between the two layers of sponge and freeze. Make sure the springform tin is lined with cling film too. Thaw the ice-cream cake 20 minutes before serving.


While the kids are enjoying their Easter egg hunt spoils, adults can indulge in some dark chocolate and praline truffles. Prepare a thick ganache with good quality dark chocolate—around 70%—and some cream. Add some praline with nuts and allow this mixture to chill until it becomes a playdough like consistency. Shape the truffles any which way you like and coat them in some cocoa powder. You could also add some alcohol to the mixture, strictly for the adults of course!

Bundt cake

Bundt cakes are the perfect dinner table dessert. Their stunning shape adds drama to the whole experience. You can prepare any kind of cake mixture you like for this cake, but keeping in mind the occasion, a cream cheese swirled coconut cake with berries is ideal. The cake is light and fluffy with fresh flavors.

The cream cheese and coconut, though an unusual combination, make a delectable dessert. The fresh and tangy berries add the perfect amount of acidity to the dish.

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