Common Muffin Making Mistakes To Avoid


Homemade muffins can make your home smell unreal! The aromas that waft from a tray of freshly baked muffins will immediately transport you to a cozy bakery.

Muffins are the perfect breakfast food for those on the go. If you find yourself getting late for work and are never able to do a sit-down breakfast, muffins are the way to go. Prepare them on the weekend and your breakfasts for the whole week are sorted.

Just grab one on your way out and enjoy this sweet treat on your way to work.

Muffins are also a great way to introduce fruit into your diet. You can get one of your five a day at breakfast now.

But muffins often turn out too dry. Some people also end up with batches that are rock-solid!

Here are some common mistakes that might be causing this:

Over mixing the batter

You’re probably really tempted to work the batter for your muffins till there are no lumps. This knocks the air out of the muffins and makes them heavy and cakey. Good muffins are meant to be pillow-soft in texture.

When preparing your next batch of muffins, make sure you don’t knock out all the air bubbles from the batter. Incorporate the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients till no more flour is visible.

Overfilling the muffin tray

Often, we tend to forget to leave room for the muffins to rise in the oven. Baking powder causes the muffin mixture to rise significantly. Overfilling the cups can cause them to overflow in the oven. You won’t get a seamless batch of muffins this way.

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Always fill the muffin tins three-fourths full. This allows the muffins to have the perfect domed top.

Leaving the muffins in the pan after they have baked

Home bakers tend to leave their baked goods in the same tin to cool. This means the muffins continue baking, causing them to dry out. Always cool your muffins on a cooling rack. This rack allows for optimal airflow to stop the cooking process, resulting in the perfect bake every time.

Berries, nuts, and chocolate chips sink to the bottom

A lot of muffin recipes have berries, nuts, chocolate chunks, and other bits in them. These add flavor, texture, and character to the muffins. When eating such muffins, you’ve probably noticed that all the good stuff sometimes sinks to the bottom.

While many individuals feel like that’s something they can’t overcome, the solution is very easy! Just toss the nuts, berries, and chunks in some dry flour and then mix into the batter. This allows the nuts and berries to be evenly distributed in the muffin.

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