5 Secrets of Baking a Heavenly Cake

Heavenly Cake

There’s nothing better than a soft velvety cake that looks like it has been delivered straight from dessert heaven. Baking a cake isn’t rocket science. It is still an art. Many of us struggle to achieve the perfect texture and taste. Even if you follow Pierre Hermé’s recipe to the T, something’s always missing.

Do you want to know how to bake a perfect cake without much experience? Experts often spill some secret tips and tricks they use to get that heavenly texture right every single time. We’ve gathered some of those secrets to help you bake a great cake.

Correct Flour:

The main ingredient in a cake is flour. The texture of the cake depends a lot on the type of flour used. People often use all-purpose flour as a substitute for cake flour. This is an incorrect approach. The low protein in cake flour produces less gluten which eliminates the chewy bread like texture.

Perfect Temperature:

According to Matt Lewis, an expert baker, ingredients like egg and butter are used at room temperature, nine out of ten times. However, many people use their ingredients straight out of the refrigerator. This forms clots in the batter resulting in poor cake texture.

High Quality Baking Supplies

Take your ingredient of fridge 30–40 minutes before you start mixing them together.

Keep An Eye At Oven Temperature:

Maintaining the correct oven temperature is tricky. Preheat your oven and keep an eye on the temperature. Invest in an oven thermometer to get accurate results. Avoid taking a peek no matter how tempted you feel. Your cake needs constant heating. The incorrect temperature will affect the final texture of your cake.

Over Mixing:

It’s the most common mistake bakers make. Over mixing will only increase the quantity of your cake mixture, making it more elastic. Stop mixing when you see the elements well blended.

Use Quality Ingredients:

Quality of ingredients is crucial for a delish Heavenly Cake. From flour to chocolate chip, every ingredient should be premium quality.

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