Why Aren’t My Brownies Good?


Brownies are the perfect pick-me-up food. They’re easy to prepare and so indulgent when made right. Their gooey warmth is like a comforting hug!

But many people tend to get this very simple dessert wrong. Brownies can turn out too dry, rock solid, cakey, or just not taste right.

Here are some common mistakes that can ruin your batch of brownies:

Picking the wrong recipe

If the recipe you choose is not right for you, your brownies will never turn out great. There are two types of brownies: fudgy and cakey. You need to know what kind of brownies your recipe is for, or else, you’re in for a massive letdown.

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Think of which kind of brownies you like. Look specifically for gooey brownies if that’s what you want, for example.

Not allowing the chocolate to cool after melting it

Good brownies require you to melt some good quality chocolate. If you’re in a rush, it’s possible that you added the melted chocolate to the batter while it was still too hot. Hot melted chocolate doesn’t react well with eggs. As a result, they’ll begin to scramble.

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When melting chocolate for brownies, always make sure you allow it to cool to room temperature. There’s no point of rushing the process and having brownies that taste like scrambled eggs.

Not using the right pan

The pan is as important as the batter and ingredients are to make a good brownie. Brownies generally require an 8 or 9-inch pan. If you use a pan that’s too big, the brownies will turn out thin, overcooked, and hard, while using a smaller pan will result in the brownies being undercooked.

Make sure you’re using the correct pan for the recipe you’ve chosen. Don’t try out larger or smaller pans than required.

Waiting for the cocktail stick to come out clean

Often, we use the toothpick/cocktail stick trick to measure whether cakes are cooked all the way through. This trick isn’t ideal for brownies. Many people tend to bake brownies till there’s no more batter coating the stick. That just causes brownies to dry out.

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Brownies are meant to be fudgy and gooey. They’re supposed to be a bit undercooked, and therefore, the toothpick trick will never result in good brownies.

Using poor-quality ingredients

When it comes to brownies, the quality of ingredients is very important. Good quality chocolate is the number one ingredient that makes or breaks a brownie. Also, use butter instead of oil for the best results.

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