The Secrets of Belgian Chocolate: What Makes It So Irresistible?

Belgian Chocolate

Calling all chocolate lovers!

Chocolate isn’t a life essential—but for all the millions of chocolate worshipers out there, it might as well be.

As any person with functioning taste buds would know, not all chocolate is created equal. Our favorite bars of goodness come in many different forms but what takes the cake—pun intended—is the gold standard for the world…Belgian chocolate!

Yes, when we think about having the ultimate chocolate-y experience ever these delicious goodies from Belgium are the first to come to mind. Known for its impressive chocolate history, Belgium is bursting with high-street and artisan brands like Callebaut’s Couverture chocolate. It is so renowned around the globe that Huff Post ranked Belgian chocolate number eight in their “16 Ways Europeans are Just Better at Life” post.

All that said, what is it that makes these divine treats so irresistible?

Secret #1: It’s All In The Cocoa

Belgian chocolatiers worth their salt ensure that their master creations are not lacking in the quality department.


They use 100% authentic cocoa butter in their products! It has been more than a decade since the EU allowed chocolate manufacturers to use up to 5% of vegetable fats besides cocoa butter in chocolate. This added ingredient is known to bring down the overall quality and taste.

Expert chocolatiers maintain their enviable international reputation thanks to their commitment to top-notch taste created by the premium quality of cocoa butter.

Secret #2: Research For Days…Or Years

Belgium refuses to simply lay back and rest on its chocolate-covered laurels. The country’s state-of-the-art experimental chocolate and fillings production facilities work day and night to uncover the science of chocolate making.

For years, they have been spearheading partnerships with industry to come up with novel chocolate products and toppings. This not only furthers the efforts of breaking away from traditional ganache but introduces exotic flavors and pairings like wasabi and cardamom.

Secret #3: Hand-made Chocolates

The chocolate-making tradition in Belgium is invigorated by the small candy shops and food boutiques lining the streets of all major cities. Instead of mass-producing chocolate, they make small batches—by hand—which do not need to be stored. This is one of the most effective ways to preserve the flavor.

Today, Belgium boasts new chocolatiers who are finding innovative ways to uphold the country’s chocolate crown.

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