Simple New Year’s Desserts to Whip Up

New Year’s Desserts

With so much emphasis on Christmas Day and festive food, New Year’s Day tends to be kept on the back burner in most households. New Year’s Eve is the celebration of the year gone past and New Year’s Day is the celebration of another happening year to come. Don’t take this important day for granted

We’ve put together some delectable desserts to whip up on New Year’s Day to enjoy with friends and family and start the year on a sweet note:

Gingerbread Trifle

Christmas isn’t the end of the warm and hearty spice. Gingerbread is a staple during the winter season; it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside when used in the right amount. Prepare gingerbread a day before so that your prep for New Year’s is as minimal as possible. Once the cake is baked and cooled, slice it up and layer an intricate bowl with the pieces. Follow it up with decadent custard and a light whipped cream. For the topping, drizzle some salted caramel on top.

Millionaire Shortbread

If you’ve never tasted millionaire shortbread, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Though this recipe has three stages, it’s so worth it! As the name suggests, it’s a shortbread fit for a millionaire.

This shortbread doesn’t just consist of the crumbly and buttery shortbread; instead, a toffee and chocolate layer top the soft and flaky shortbread. Allow each layer to set and cool before you pour on a new layer. Create a marbled effect on the top of the shortcrust with white and dark chocolate as a finishing touch.

Fudgy Layered Irish Mocha Brownies

Irish crème, more famously known as Bailey’s, is a popular drink for this time of year. It’s sweet and more indulgent than other liqueurs, perfect for the winters. Irish crème also makes for the perfect flavoring in desserts too. These mocha brownies are prepared in layers. A layer of dark chocolate brownie mixture is topped with a white chocolate and Irish crème mixture, which is then topped with a coffee-flavored brownie mixture. This brownie is so decadent that it doesn’t need any frosting. The crunchier the top of this brownie, the better it tastes!

Ginger-Cream Bars

Ginger is once again the main flavor of this dessert. For this dessert, you need to make a sponge with deep flavor and dense texture. These bars aren’t meant to be fluffy, a bit like a brownie; they are meant to be fudgy and dense on the inside. The light cream cheese frosting pairs really well with the rich flavors of the spices in this cake.

Boozy Bundt Cake

Bundt cakes are a real show-stopper dessert. You can use any cake recipe to prepare a Bundt cake, but of New Year’s, we’re boozing this cake up to celebrate the start of something new. We suggest making a chocolate cake and using rum syrup to soak it. Since it’s a Bundt cake, it doesn’t really require any frosting.

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