Need To Know About Baking Chocolate

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Dark, light, or white, chocolates are easy to fall in love with. Chocolate is amiable in nature and can be paired with multiple items. Just mix it in a cake, sprinkle it over a doughnut, shave it over a tart, or make it ooze out of a chocolate lava cake. Chocolate can revolutionize the dessert arena.   

Although you don’t need to know a lot about chocolate to fall in love with its blissful taste and velvety texture, but with better understanding about baking with chocolate, you can perfect your end result.

Know What’s Available On The Market

Different variations of chocolate are available in the market, follow the recipe carefully to get the best results.

  • Bars
  • Blocks
  • Wafers
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Cocoa Powder

There is a lot of difference between baking chocolate, chocolate chip and cocoa.

These items can’t be used interchangeably. Due to preservatives chocolate chips don’t melt, so if you are looking for better velvety results used the correct type of chocolate mentioned in the recipe.

Baking chocolate or chocolate liquor is unsweetened, 100 percent chocolate without any additional flavor. You can also use white, dark, or milk chocolate available in many chocolate product stores, but when a recipe refers to plain chocolate, baking chocolate should be your pick.

Here are 5 coco-advice for you.

Chop It With A Long Serrated Knife

Block of cooking chocolate can be hard to deal with. Once the chocolate reaches the room temperature, use a long-serrated knife to chop it into small pieces.

Give Your Dessert a Choco Boost With A Tinge Of Espresso

Chocolate and coffee is the best craving killer for a sweet tooth. A tinge of espresso powder or dark-roasted coffee in your chocolate coating will enhance its flavor.

Never Replace Chips For Real Chocolate

Chips have high amount of preservative to sustain the heat during baking time. Unless a recipe specifically asks for chocolate chip, don’t use them. Use the real unsweetened chocolate to bring texture and taste to your baked goods.

A Hot Sauna Bath Is The Right Way To Melt Chocolate

There are multiple ways to melt chocolate, such as microwave or a trip to the stove, but a water bath is the best way till date. Melting chocolate over hot water provides more control over the heating process and reduces chances of burnt chocolate.

Melt For Recipes And Temper For Coating

When adding baking chocolate in a recipe, melt it using the water method. On the other hand, it’s better to resort to chocolate tempering when preparing a coating for your baked delicacy such as cookies and candies.

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