Making Desserts for Large Events – What You Need to Do

The dessert course is the pièce de résistance if you consider any event and its catering. More than the main course, it is the dessert that leaves a lasting impression on the guest. It gives them the final memory of the day that passes and leaves them with a sweet taste in their mouth, literally and figuratively speaking.

As such, it’s only fitting that when you begin to prepare for the dessert course, you pay special attention to everything you need so that you produce a high-quality dessert. Here, we provide some information on how you can do exactly that.

Preparing for the Dessert Course – What You Need for Large Events

™ Organize

Start out by listing everything you need to bring to the venue. You can’t very well bring all your tools along, so list everything that is truly essential.

Label serveware and add tabs on what food goes in what dish. Separate plates and dishes that have to be served at certain times to certain guests. Use post-its and labels and make copies of your notes so you have back-ups.

™ Calculate an Accurate Number

Let’s say for example, the event has 150 guests. You will not need 150 servings of brownies, 150 servings of cupcakes and so on. Not every guest will try everything on the menu. So, in the end, you may still end up with leftovers. Assume that each guest will have 8-10 bites. From there, do the math. (One ‘bite’ may mean a bite from a mini-dessert that is bite-size).

™ Bring More Serveware

You may be surprised by how quickly you’ll need more serveware. Guests often use multiple plates and silverware to try different desserts. You cannot afford to run out of it all during your event.

Borrow from other catering companies and label the bottom of each serveware if you have to. Otherwise take the easy route and buy from a commercial provider so you can use them for any future events as well.

™ Don’t Forget Little Details

Often when planning a dessert menu, we tend to become a bit creative with the talent we have. And that’s when we push ourselves into trouble.

For starters, you need to have the right ingredients in order to start baking. But if the ingredient is rare or in short supply; your lack of research beforehand can damage your impression in front of the client.

For example, if you’re creating special macarons, don’t dive into the process before you’re sure you have everything. Confirm all products at a baking ingredients store like Divine Specialties so you have a reliable source.

™ Have a Plan for After

Every event has food leftover. Decide before serving what you should do with it. Use your sources to find a shelter that would take the food, or separate it into small batches so that each guest can take some desserts home as well.

Buy from Our Store

To make your desserts even special, buy your ingredients from the most reliable stores in the market. Divine Specialties offers top quality products and baking supplies. Stock up your pantry and present your clients with desserts that will knock their socks off!


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