Call me Coco: The Exotic Marvels of a Cocoa Bean

When you hear the word “cocoa”, the first thing that jumps to mind is chocolate. Let’s be clear – chocolate is cocoa; cocoa is not chocolate. This perfectly aromatic compound that comes in solid bean form is a treasure of health and skin benefits.

Know a little about where cocoa comes from – the warm and shady climates of initially just the Amazon, today from a number of regions of Asia, Africa and America.

That being said, let’s delve into the wonders of the cocoa bean.

Let’s Talk About Health

Cocoa releases Serotonin in your brain. In simpler terms, it’s the chemical that induces the “happy-vibes” often experienced when to indulge in bar of your favorite choc. Feeling down? Cocoa to the rescue!

Cocoa is great source of antioxidants; these reduce risks of several cancers.

Magnesium in cocoa beans reduces the chances of blood clots, therefore reducing chances of heart attacks or strokes.

As if we needed more reasons to love the gift that cocoa is, dark chocolate (low sugar ratio!) actually aids weight loss. Talk about great motivation!

Cocoa Butter

This lush part of a cocoa bean has a healing, moisturizing effect on skin. It is used in various beauty products as well as skincare treatment lotions and balms. Cocoa butter is also what gives white chocolate its flavor and texture.

Chocolate! – also known as the most delightful reason cocoa exists.

Here is the thing – chocolate should be a food group itself. Chocolate in baking, in desserts, in drinks– chocolate in everything!

Eat up – The most basic form of coco-divulgence is a good old bar; dark to semi-sweet to milk. For people who love variety – some raisins for chewiness, or almonds and hazelnuts to go nuts.

From gooey homemade brownies, to a restaurant special rich, bitter mousse with orange zest; the heavenly combo of cocoa, milk and sugar sits well on the taste buds in a vast variety of desserts.

Drink it up – what a great shake needs is dash of melted chocolate. A mug of warm, soothing cocoa makes a great comfort drink. Fun fact: a rich cup of cocoa has just about the same energy-boosting effect as coffee, without the side effect of a caffeine withdrawal!

The great thing about a cocoa bean is it that every part of it serves a purpose. The outer shell of the bean can be submerged in hot water to make a cacao tea.


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