5 Holiday Baking Tips to Help You Save Time

Holiday Baking Tips

Though a merry holiday for those who don’t have to be in the kitchen all the darn hours of the day, Christmas can be an overwhelming occasion indeed for the cooks of the family.

Mixing ingredients, tasting potential masterpieces, keeping an eagle-eye on the oven—Christmas, even though it’s a happy occasion, can gradually lose its magic as you slave away, with no regard for your health!

So how do you balance your art and your health? Divine Specialties, a leading supplier of wholesale sweets and chocolate, has some choice tips to help you get through the day and make perfect desserts at the same time.

Tip#1: Invest in a Cookie Stamp

Available at very affordable prices, cookie stamps save a lot of time when it comes to making Christmas desserts.

With designs aplenty in different themes and styles, your cookie stamp will be useful for all occasions, not just Christmas time.

So when you buy it, just be sure to not get a specific holiday-themed one.

Tip#2: Make Chocolate Curls Using a Basic Potato Peeler

Rather than risking butchering a chocolate block with a knife, use a potato peeler and gently scrape the edge of the chocolate to make delicate chocolate rolls.

Make sure that the chocolate is not completely frozen, and clean the peeler beforehand so there’s no residue from previous peels. You don’t want a potato bit getting into that chocolate-y goodness.

Tip#3: Use a Squeeze Bottle to Decorate Cookies

If a piping bag is too much to handle, switch to plastic ketchup bottles so you can decorate your cookies, mess-free.

Fill them midway so the bottle top doesn’t pop out if you squeeze too hard, and use a small knife to open up the nozzle if the frosting doesn’t pipe out in the thickness you want it to be.

Also, if you’re running short on bottles and plan to use them for different frostings, wash them thoroughly so the colors don’t get mixed.

Tip#4: Use a Christmas Tree Hack

Want to make small delicious Christmas trees for the table? Here’s a hack: use cream-chocolate cookies and pipe white frosting or whipped cream on top.

Next, take a bunch of strawberries and cut the tops. Add food-grade green color to melted white chocolate, and using a skewer, stab the stick into the bottom of the strawberry and dip it.

Use decorations, stars, sanding sugar and sprinkles to add bits of color to your “trees” and place them on the frosted cookie to strengthen the base.

Tip#5: Freeze Dollops of Whipped Cream

Can’t be bothered to add whipped cream to dozens of mugs of hot cocoa?

Save time by making swirls of whipped cream on a baking tray that’s lined with a baking sheet, and set it aside to freeze.

When needed, use a spatula to lift each dollop gently and transfer on top of the chocolate. Voila, it’s perfect!

Need Some Necessary Ingredients?

From whipped cream to stars and decoration, we have everything and more on Divine Specialties, as well as some pearls of wisdom to make your life easier. Try out our tips, buy wholesale sweets and ingredients online and Holiday Baking Tips to have a happy, stress-free Christmas this year!

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