4 Ways Divine Specialties Makes Your Favorite Desserts Easier


Baked goods are scrumptious but can take a while to prepare. By using our mixes and other ready-made ingredients you can save time and focus on other aspects of your dish.

Here are 4 ways Divine Specialties makes baking your favorite desserts easier:

1) Tart shells

Pastry can be a pain to prepare. The process requires very specific quantities of ingredients and special attention to timing. There are numerous recipes out there that claim to make the melt-in-your-mouth tart shells but few people get it right every time.

Divine Specialties offers a variety of delicious tart shells that you can fill with your favorite fillings. Whether you’re looking for graham cracker tart shells, short-bread tart shells or chocolate tart shells, we have them all! Aside from tart shells, we also have cannoli tart shells made of premium ingredients.

Make your life easier and save time and effort with our ready-made tart shells.

2) Mousse Mixes

Despite them being so prevalent in dessert dishes, few people have mastered how to prepare the perfect, light, silky smooth mousse that is rich in flavors. Making mousse can get messy when you don’t know what you’re doing.

We provide high-quality mousse mixes in all popular flavors that are quick and easy to prepare.

3) Chef tools

Something that sets professional chefs apart from home-cooks is their fancy equipment. Chefs use specialized tools that help them prepare meals with precision and simplify time-consuming processes.

At Divine Specialties we offer specialized chef tools that make baking easier. Our collection includes a Mini MeltinChoc Chocolate Tempering Machine and a Guitar Cutter for cakes, pastries and other confectioneries that aren’t easily available in the market.

4) Frozen fruit purees

Instead of heading down to the store to purchase fruits each time you need to make a tart filling, get our frozen fruit purees, flavorings and jams. They come in a variety of popular flavors including lemon, banana, orange, mango and more. With us, you have access to fruits that aren’t even available in the country!

Divine Specialties is committed to making baking simpler for both professional chefs and home cooks. We pride ourselves on the range of products we supply, all of which are available at affordable prices. Orders can be placed anytime during the day via our website. We provide flexible order sizes.

In addition, we also offer consultation without Executive Chef that can guide you through menu creation, recipes and ideation.

Go through our collection now and transform your baking experience! Feel-free to contact us for additional information.

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